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PSE4U Exercise Science

Evolution Of Sport

Unit 1
Unit 2

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  Evolution of Sport

For this portfolio assignment you will be required to produce a presentation on the evolution of a particular sport in Canada or how a specific sport is attached to a certain culture. You will present this assignment in a professional, prepared powerpoint format.

Each presentation will last for a minimum of ten minutes.

your presentation should include, but is not limited to the following information:

  • When and where the sport was first played and how it began

  • When the sport was first played in Canada

  • The name(s) of the important people who first brought the sport to Canada

  • How the sport and it’s rules have changed over time

  • Major events in the development of the sport

  • Equipment changes over time

  • The role of the media and amount of coverage

  • Type of leagues – professional, amateur and number of participants

  • High profile athletes (Canadians and International) that are positive role models for children

  • Factors that may limit participation in that sport/activity or contribute to high participation levels

  • Canada’s successes/highlights if the sport is played internationally

Your presentation should include pictures, tables and graphs where possible. Your grade will reflect whether or not you’ve included these visual aids. You should include a Bibliography for all websites and other resources that you have used to complete your assignment. This can be included on the last slide of your presentation.

Your presentation will be evaluated according to the scheme on the back of this page. If you are not familiar with powerpoint, there are some excellent websites included on the back of this page.

You can choose from this list of sports or any others that I  approve of:

Alpine Skiing Speed Skating Baseball Swimming Basketball Sychronized Swimming Cross Country Skiing  Tennis Curling Track and Field  Cycling Volleyball Diving Waterpolo Alpine Skiing  Weight Lifting Fencing  Wrestling Field Hockey Rugby Figure Skating Gymnastics Fitness  Ringette Football Boxing Golf Soccer Hockey  Table Tennis Lacrosse ArcheryMountain/Rock Climbing Bowling Rowing Sailing




Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Planning of Presentation

Few slides and no overview of presentation

The slides are not in logical order & have incomplete information

The slides are in sequential order and are informative

The slides are in logical order, with important information, colors, fonts, & graphics indicated.



Subject Knowledge/Content

Subject knowledge is not evident. Information is confusing, incorrect, and flawed.

Some knowledge is evident, but some information is confusing and/or incorrect.

Knowledge is evident in much of the project. Most information is clear and correct.

Subject knowledge is evident throughout the project. All information is clear and correct.



Introduction/ Conclusion

There is no definite introduction or conclusion.

There is an introduction but no conclusion or visa versa

There is evidence of an introduction and a conclusion.

The introduction has a sharp focus, and the conclusion is effective.



Writing Mechanics

Many errors in spelling, grammar, sentence structure destroy content & major revision is needed

Spelling and grammar errors detract but content is understandable

The text is clearly written but a few spelling and/or grammar errors are noticeable

The text is clearly written with little or no errors to detract from content.




The layout is unstructured, confusing, and cluttered. Does not use space correctly. The text is very difficult to read

The layout shows some structure but the space is not used well, appearing cluttered or empty. Overall readability is difficult.

The layout uses most space appropriately. Most slides are easy to read.

The layout is pleasing to the eye, appropriate to the message, and uses space well. Fonts and point size are well chosen for easy readability.




Spoken and visual presentation difficult to follow and understand. Little eye contact. Reads material from notes.

Spoken and visual presentation not well integrated. Some organization is evident. Some eye contact but much reading.

Integrates spoken and visual presentation. Organization apparent and appealing. Maintains balanced eye contact between audience and notes

Effectively integrates spoken and visual presentation. A high degree of organization, eye appeal, and effective delivery. Excellent eye contact and knowledge o subject. Does not refer to notes very much.



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