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PSE4U Exercise Science

Portfolio Assignment #3

Unit 1
Unit 2
Biomechanics Video

Purpose: To analyze and assess a sport skill

Method: Using video analysis, the group will tape a “rookie” and an “expert” performing a specific skill from any area of expertise that the group feels they have.


  1. Initially, you will be observing both subjects performing the selected skill. Use the Five Phases of Skill to breakdown and analyze the skill.

  2.  With reference to the Biomechanical Principles, discuss which principles apply to the skill you’ve chosen. Analyze the “rookie” and go through the feedback you feel is necessary to make your “rookie” into more of an “expert”.

  1. Your video footage should include observations from four different perspectives (as you observed on the NCCP video).

  1. Your portfolio assignment must be submitted in its entirety on video. There is no written submission is required. Please, therefore, introduce all members on tape.

Conclusions: Make a concluding remark to sum up your presentation.

Reminders and Tips:

  1. K.I.S. Keep it Simple – present only one component/skill of the sport

  2. Your group may have a maximum of 4 group members.

  3. Length of the Presentation – long enough to cover all information you feel is necessary

  4. Evaluation – 100 marks (See the back of this sheet

Portfolio #3 Biomechanical Analysis Evaluation

Component Mark

Presentation Quality (Audio & Visual) /20

Accuracy of Information Presented /20

Five Phases of Analysis /15

Biomechanical Principles /20

Feedback Given /20

Concluding Remarks /5

Total /100


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